Christiane Fichtner

Ausstellungen ¬ Project Biography
Riga, Riga Art Space, Ingredients, 2013


For this, I take three biographical details (name, year of birth and occupation) and then I ask different
authors to write a biography. Using these fictional biographies, I work with costume designers, makeup
artists, and photographers to create a person who has the body of Christiane Fichtner, but who is
constantly being reinvented. The fictional texts are a format for reconstructing the self.

The project currently has 25 biographies, and I have cooperated with more than 80 people so far.
Normally in the exhibitions, the viewer sees the large biographical photographs and texts (2m x 2m).
Each biography seems believable at first. But in a series, identity changes, and the self is questioned.
This project lets you see how human interaction can be manipulated. It also symbolizes power, false
facts, and wrong representations, and it shows how these can be understood.

The project has been shown in 20 exhibitions at 16 different places. I change the exhibition design for
each show.


In 2010, I made a book about the Biography Project. For me, this book is like an artist’s book because
it includes the works as well as texts about them. These texts also explore the theme of identity.
Like the portraits and biographies, in this book I let other people create me, write about me, dress
me, and style me. I let them use their own creativity with “my life” as a material.

The point of this game is not to ask who the “real” Christiane Fichtner is. Instead, it is a game of
manipulation, like theater. Together, we create a character who is performed temporarily. My identity
as the artist does not become lost; instead, the different personalities make you to take a closer look
at how we think artists should be.

Book about the Biography Project

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